New Internet Service with AT&T

Good Morning everyone! As I mentioned previously, I decided to sign up for AT&T FASTACCESS DSL, and I was promised that I would not have any interruption what so ever. Well, so far, that was not true. My service is actually supposed to be completed today by 6 pm, which I am truly hoping everything goes okay, which means I will only miss one day of work. It wouldn’t be half as bad if I had been informed this would be the case, however, I wasn’t informed. I was told that I would have my old internet provider until I cancel with them and then I would be able to connect immediately with AT&T. Well apparently my old internet service provider, Earthlink became aware that I was signing with AT&T and interrupted my services immediately without my request to cancel. Now I am in a wait and see mode. In the meantime, I have called AT&T to get an update when I suddenly didn’t have service. They said to talk with Earthlink because I was till with them. Earthlink, however, had a diferent story, they said I was now with AT&T and must speak with them. All righty then, I call back to AT&T to see if there was anything we could do, since that was Earthlink’s response, that I was not Earthlink’s customer any longer. Someone I spoke with at AT&T stated that since my service was not working, and I didn’t have an AT&T modem, that she could transfer me to technical service, who could, in turn, assist in setting up my modem, at an additional cost of $49,95, and that they could not promise it would work. Okay, not exactly what I wanted to hear, especially when I was initially told, I would not have an issue, whether I used their modem or not. WOW, just WOW, I am not happy to hear this. It does not match what I was told, and then told I would have to pay more money. I debated whether to go ahead and cancel, get my other internet back. I decided I would wait and see. Give them until 6pm and if there are issues and I must pay more, I will go ahead and go back to Earthlink. Now, you might wonder why would I leave Earthlink to begin with, if I didn’t have trouble. AHH, that is quite a story in itself. Imagine, attempting to resolve internet issues with someone who does not understand English very well. The customer service is horrible, however the internet connection has always been top notch, so that is why I have remained a loyal customer to them for well over 10 years. During the sales pitch for AT&T, I was informed that Earthlink actually sub-contracts AT&T service, meaning the actual connection is AT&T. If that is so, which I intend to research further, then I’ll have service at a much better price.
Well, I am finally back. I ended up missing two days of work and ended up ordering the AT&T modem. Set up was quick and easy and the service has been great so far. I must admit, I would have been much happier if I had been fully informed of the details in full, so that I could prepare for it. I had specifically asked about interruption and my emails. As far as my email, I was informed that I would have access to them and would not have to change them, however I immediately lost my email, and have been spending a large amount of time updating emails and contacts that I had.
All in all, I am happy with the new service.