I thought I would add a little info I ran across about Tiger Direct. I was soooooooo close to ordering from Tiger Direct, I had researched, saw a few complaints here and there and weighing my options and the possible risks, such as the computer arriving and not working, etc.. Then, ironically one day, while working my one job as a customer service rep for a bank, one of our customers called regarding charges on her bank account. I was STUNNED at her situation. She had ordered a laptop computer from Tiger Direct and when she had recieved it, it did not work. OK, so she returned it, however, before they, TigerDirect, would send another computer, they had to debit her account one charge again, in the same amount as initial charge and promised they would refund it, which was agreed upon by both parties. Unfortunately, they charged her account THREE more times, over $1,500 and that was IN ADDITION to the original charge. I saw this with my own eyes, so I know it is a fact. OMG, I was shocked. Of course, later, with excruciating headaches for the customer, the situation (overcharges) was resolved, however, in my opinion, it was not something that should have occurred to begin with. Personally I cannot take a chance like that, so I have decided to purchase my laptop computer elsewhere.