Barbie still has the magic that she has had for many years now. This beautiful doll remains the desire of girls of all ages.
I had ran across a great sale on Barbies at Target this year and decided my two favorite girls should each have a beautiful Barbie to play with, even though one of the girls was not yet two years old. As we opened our Christmas presents, the one year old saw her Barbie and squealed ‘Barbie!’ She knew exactly who she was. She wanted it opened immediately. She didn’t care about all of her other presents! She cuddled her Barbie all day and would not let anyone else see her. Barely two and she totally loves Barbie already, lol! To my surprise, no one else got Barbies for the girls this year, so I lucked out with the best choice, especially for the tiniest member of our family!
This Kodak moment was the best Christmas gift I received this year!!