Update with AT&T and Legacy Long Distance

Wow, I’m thrilled to inform you that the issue about the extreme overcharges on calls that I did not accept was resolved, or should I say, in the process of being resolved. It has been a long and aggravating battle that really should have not occurred in the first place, but I’m elated to know this will be resolved.
I had called to actually cancel my services with AT&T, and spoke with a very helpful gentleman named Jesse, out of South Carolina. I explained the whole situation as briefly as I could about the calls appearing on my bill, my attempt to resolve with Legacy Long Distance, and my previous call call with an AT&T representative. (Details mentioned in previous posts)I also mentioned that I filed a report with the FTC, FCC, and the BBB in an effort to resolve it without any help, etc…
Jesse assisted with contacting Legacy Long Distance, and surprisingly, Legacy was beyond nice this time, although previously they were not nice. They mentioned that it possibly could have occurred because my answer machine may have picked up and the automated system billed it as a call. However, they assured me it would be resolved and my bill cleared!
Needless to say, I decided to keep my phone and I signed up for the fastest internet service AT&T has to offer!!! KUDOS to Jesse!!! That guy is worth his weight in gold and deserves a raise!! I hope to report excellent internet service with them soon!