PepBoys Auto Service

Ok, I must admit, I have not been a fan of Pep Boys for many many years, however my husband is a loyal customer and believes they offer good auto repair service. Back when I had to have automotive work done, each time I would take my car into Pep Boys, I would always come back with a whole new repair problem and a bigger bill than I started with. I think it may have been due to the fact I’m female and they assumed I wasn’t too smart about cars or something, not sure. I also remember the final time I took it, they stated that my car may not get me home and it may blow up on me etc…. I was shocked they would say such a thing and I left rather scared they might be right. Needless to say, I made it many miles beyond that and found out the issue was less expensive elsewhere and not as drastic as they presented to me. So this is why I was not particularly found of them. That was then.
Now, as I mentioned, hubby is dedicated to them, believes in them, so I don’t argue, since he is willing to deal with them and pay the bill now, lol!
The most recent event has me not happy again, although as I said, I will let hubby handle it. We had took the car in recently for a power steering pump, and low and behold, it went out again within a week, so of course, back to Pep Boys again. Everything was under warranty, so not a dime out of our pocket this time. Sounds great, right? Well, I get the car back again, and it runs fine now, however it has this horrible sound that it never had before. going straight or turning. I’m one of those people that listen to sounds in a car because long ago, I learned that the sounds are a signal of something going wrong. Well, suddenly, all my transmission fluid leaked out onto our carport, and when I moved the vehicle to see the liquid on the ground, I got back into the car, and put it in drive, and it would not go at all. We refilled the car and it’s back in the shop at PepBoys, and not sure of the extent of the problem this time, but this is a fine example of what occurred before. A whole new problem when the car is returned, does anyone else have this problem with them or am I just lucky?