L’Bri Skin Care Products

Well, I was researching online and ran across this company. Their website was plain and simple, not too detailed upon arriving at the homepage. It advertised pure and natural and I really was interested in the natural ingredients. I clicked further to find out more details and found several interesting points that captured my attention. I contemplated whether to send off for the samples and decided I have wasted much more than $7.00 with previous companies, so I went for it.
I received it yesterday, and of course, I immediately had to see what miracles these products could offer me, since absolutely everything else had been a let down. I have been saying “Oh, My Gosh!” every since I tried the very first product.
It is beyond amazing!!!!! The first product I tried was the hand lotion, it smelled good and softened my hands immediately. Usually though, most hand lotions are pretty good and I’m normally more content with hand lotions than I am with the skin care line, so I got ready for the real test!
Now it was time to try the the three step nightly program. The cleanser was mild and did a great job removing my makeup, however after removing the cleanser, and touching my skin, it really felt softer which was awesome, and I did a double take. Yes, it did feel much softer and I thinking, WOW, this is cool!
Next I tried step two, which is the toner, I believe it removes the final traces of what is left on your face. The cleanser did such a good job cleaning my face that I saw no trace of makeup left. I was very impressed.
The next item I tried was the moisturizer. I applied a small amount because I wanted to get the most of my samples. Thirty minutes later I touch my face and notice it does feel supple and softer. Talk about putting a smile on my face! I was elated!
The next morning, of course I am putting the skin care regimen through the ringer, so first thing, I feel my face, and it is still soft to the touch, so much more than usual, and then I go look in the mirror. There is a slight improvement already, I am almost considering not wearing makeup! Oh my, well, I was excited to try the other products…..