Hubby replaced my Pyrex Dish

Long story short, I had two square Pyrex casserole dishes that I owned for for several years. I used them regularly for my baking needs. He broke one, though he denies it, however I saw him, lol. Anyway I know he didn’t mean to. The other one just disappeared, so I told him he had to buy at least one to replace the two dishes.
He meant well and purchased a new Pyrex dish, however the glass is extremely thick and heavy, not nearly the same feel of the old dish I had. After using just one time, it actually bent the rack inside my baking oven that I normally cook in. Due to the fact it bent the rack, anytime I use the dish and attempt to remove it, because it’s so heavy, it makes the rack fall.
I am extremely disappointed. I’m now on the hunt for a Pyrex dish that was made in the old days, not one of these new ones that is made out of this cheap heavy “Coke Bottle” glass that is not good quality either. Where is quality these days?