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Update with AT&T and Legacy Long Distance

Tweet Wow, I’m thrilled to inform you that the issue about the extreme overcharges on calls that I did not accept was resolved, or should I say, in the process of being resolved. It has been a long and aggravating battle that really should have not occurred in the first place, but I’m elated to know this will be resolved. I had called to actually cancel my services with AT&T, and spoke with a very helpful gentleman named Jesse, out {Read More}

L’Bri Skin Care Products

Tweet Well, I was researching online and ran across this company. Their website was plain and simple, not too detailed upon arriving at the homepage. It advertised pure and natural and I really was interested in the natural ingredients. I clicked further to find out more details and found several interesting points that captured my attention. I contemplated whether to send off for the samples and decided I have wasted much more than $7.00 with previous companies, so I went {Read More}

Hubby replaced my Pyrex Dish

Tweet Long story short, I had two square Pyrex casserole dishes that I owned for for several years. I used them regularly for my baking needs. He broke one, though he denies it, however I saw him, lol. Anyway I know he didn’t mean to. The other one just disappeared, so I told him he had to buy at least one to replace the two dishes. He meant well and purchased a new Pyrex dish, however the glass is extremely {Read More}

PepBoys Auto Service

Tweet Ok, I must admit, I have not been a fan of Pep Boys for many many years, however my husband is a loyal customer and believes they offer good auto repair service. Back when I had to have automotive work done, each time I would take my car into Pep Boys, I would always come back with a whole new repair problem and a bigger bill than I started with. I think it may have been due to the {Read More}

Legacy Long Distance

Tweet OMG, whatever you do, do not do business with this company, once they have you in their claws, you will find it hard to get away, without costing you an arm and leg and whatever else you have. It all started last month when my son, who is in Denver, called from a pay phone, he actually called several times, though I accepted only two very short calls, maybe two sentences exchanged. I received my bill last month, and {Read More}

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The Power of Pandora’s Pen!

Tweet Welcome to Pandora’s Pen! Pandora’s Pen invites you to share product reviews, customer service experiences, great shopping deals, discounts, and freebies. Pandora’s Pen is all about spreading the word, good or bad, regarding products and services. If you are like me, you have ran across horrible service and want to tell the world. You also have had wonderful experiences and feel the world should know! Here is your chance to share!  Just as you never knew what was in {Read More}

Complete Auto Repair Information and so Much More!

Tweet I ran across a really great car website that provides excellent information for all your auto repair needs. The site is really helpful when you want to find top rated auto repair shops, or if you are looking for details concerning a particular part. For example, if you want to find out details about a timing belt, visit The site quickly tells you that the timing belt helps keep the engine in sync and continues to explain the {Read More}

BloomsToday Flowers

Tweet Let me share briefly my experience. My Mom passed away and I was not able to attend her funeral. I was very upset over everything to begin with, but I did want to send flowers for her funeral. I saw some selections at BloomsToday and decided to place an order. They were supposed to arrive the next day for the funeral. At least I thought the flowers would at least arrive. I received no phone call. I happen to {Read More}

As Seen On TV Stuffing-Free Crazy Critters Dog

Tweet I debated long and hard before finally giving in and buying this toy for my Yorkie. He is a really good dog and loves his toys, and I figured he deserved something from Santa too, so on Christmas eve, I got it out for him to enjoy. He loved it alright! So much that he broke both squeakers before Christmas morning and he managed to remove one of the squeakers. He wore himself out pretty good, but here it {Read More}