Complete Auto Repair Information and so Much More!

Tweet I ran across a really great car website that provides excellent information for all your auto repair needs. The site is really helpful when you want to find top rated auto repair shops, or if you are looking for details concerning a particular part. For example, if you want to find out details about a timing belt, visit The site quickly tells you that the timing belt helps keep the engine in sync and continues to explain the {Read More}

BloomsToday Flowers

Tweet Let me share briefly my experience. My Mom passed away and I was not able to attend her funeral. I was very upset over everything to begin with, but I did want to send flowers for her funeral. I saw some selections at BloomsToday and decided to place an order. They were supposed to arrive the next day for the funeral. At least I thought the flowers would at least arrive. I received no phone call. I happen to {Read More}

As Seen On TV Stuffing-Free Crazy Critters Dog

Tweet I debated long and hard before finally giving in and buying this toy for my Yorkie. He is a really good dog and loves his toys, and I figured he deserved something from Santa too, so on Christmas eve, I got it out for him to enjoy. He loved it alright! So much that he broke both squeakers before Christmas morning and he managed to remove one of the squeakers. He wore himself out pretty good, but here it {Read More}

Brett Eldredge is Awesome!

Tweet If you have not heard the song “She calls me Raymond”, take a moment of your time and hear it as well as see it on YOUTUBE. Leave feedback on what you think!