Legacy Long Distance

OMG, whatever you do, do not do business with this company, once they have you in their claws, you will find it hard to get away, without costing you an arm and leg and whatever else you have.
It all started last month when my son, who is in Denver, called from a pay phone, he actually called several times, though I accepted only two very short calls, maybe two sentences exchanged. I received my bill last month, and it had several additional calls besides the two I accepted. The bill was $198.00. What a shock that was. Well, since I couldn’t figure which two were the correct calls, that I did actually accept, I decided this one time, I would just pay the bill and be done with it. I have been a loyal phone customer and always been on time with payments etc.. So that was last month.
I get this month’s bill, and I am in total shock, I had not accepted one single call from that payphone, although my son did call from there, I had just hung up the phone, as much as I hated to, but after seeing the bill last month, there was no way in H*ll I was going to accept the calls.
This bill was just short of $300, I am like totally stunned. I called the company, they said since there is 5 calls on there, I must have accepted some, and that they cannot help. I am beyond upset, I have called several times, emailed, and have not received any help at all. There is no customer service. I did receive a message left on my phone, (geesh, I won’t answer it all now LOL!) from a rep, who left a number for me to call back. Wouldn’t you know, it just routed me through the regular customer service, which tells to send a letter. I will do just that, but not sure if it will ever be resolved. Needless to say, my phone company was not helpful in the matter either, and looks like they are two accounts from me. My dispute with Legacy will hopefully get resolved soon, but do to the fact there is no one to talk to, I really do not feel confident. I almost feel that since I paid the first bill without a fight, even though it was wrong, they figured I’m easy picking now, but this time, I am not being suckered in to just paying. The Saga shall continue….