Complete Auto Repair Information and so Much More!

I ran across a really great car website that provides excellent information for all your auto repair needs. The site is really helpful when you want to find top rated auto repair shops, or if you are looking for details concerning a particular part. For example, if you want to find out details about a timing belt, visit
The site quickly tells you that the timing belt helps keep the engine in sync and continues to explain the purpose of the part. It further details how it should be set, what occurs when the timing belt is not set right, and includes instructions on how to replace it. If your water pump goes out, just go to and it walks you through each step on how to replace it. To find out information on other parts, type the name of the part in the search window and it will bring up the information you’re looking for. I especially like it because it explains each part in full detail, the purpose of the part and how to replace, allowing you to decide if you can actually do the job yourself or if you should invest in a mechanic.
This site is especially helpful with providing information on auto repair shops in cities across the country, which is really great if you travel and happen to break down in an area you are not familiar with. For instance, we took a trip to Phoenix and our car overheated, so we searched for Phoenix auto repair service locations. Since I was already familiar with this site, I clicked to check out repair shops in Phoenix, clicked the state and city, which brought me to This page provided full details on the top rated repair shops and mechanics in the area. It also provides information on weather conditions in the area and how it could affect your car, and advises how to keep your car in great running condition.
Another great thing about this site is it provides car review information, which is very valuable information if your are planning to purchase an older vehicle and want to see if the particular model has had any particular known issues. Let’s say you would like to know details about a 2001 Ford Escort, click, and you will find a wealth of information, such as overall ratings and owner’s reviews, problem reports, along with recall information, and the ability to see questions and answers asked by others.
I find this site very informative, answering any question I have when it comes to keeping my car in top condition. Visit and see for yourself!