BloomsToday Flowers

Let me share briefly my experience.
My Mom passed away and I was not able to attend her funeral. I was very upset over everything to begin with, but I did want to send flowers for her funeral.
I saw some selections at BloomsToday and decided to place an order. They were supposed to arrive the next day for the funeral.
At least I thought the flowers would at least arrive.
I received no phone call. I happen to check my email around 11:am and there is an email stating “I’m sorry we are unable to deliver your flowers, we will redeliver or refund”
Oh my, of course I wanted them delivered, that is why I ordered them in the first place
I realized they just did not make the delivery in time, but they assured me I could choose a different location to deliver.
Ok, I choose and ask for sure if they will be delivered by the end of the day. I was ASSURED they would be delivered without a doubt.
I was also assured that I was already credited and would not be charged again.
Unfortunately I believed them.
About an hour later, again no phone, only an email, like I had nothing to do but wait at the computer, I luckily happened to check it, I was also working during these hours, so that is why I logged into my email. However I was never informed this would be their method of contact, otherwise, if I had not been working, the day would have gone by and I would not have had any flowers delivered.
Ok, next I call the company again, I am beyond not happy, this has added daggers to the wounds I already have.
I was informed that if I wanted to have the flowers delivered I would need to pay again. WHAT??? They already took just over $100 for the order. They have let me down twice, and my family also. They continued the conversation informing me that there was no way the flowers could have been delivered to the second location because they did not have someone who could deliver in the area. WHAT??? This is after I had been assured they would be delivered and no one was in the area to deliver. WHY in heck did they not tell me right then and there during the first call, so I could make other arrangements??
I am so trying not to cuss, but I tell you that this was really the breaking point, I was very upset and extremely hurt and disappointed, and it added more salt to the wound.
AT this point time is of the essence, fortunately, I did find another florist who gladly helped me and got the job done right. IT WAS NOT BLOOMSTODAY, THEY NEVER GOT IT RIGHT.
It was another florist, very small florist, but she was awesome.
ANYWAY, you would think that my troubles from BLOOMS TODAY was over, NOT!!!!!!
I was charged the order originally, and after all the additional headache, yes, I was promised a refund and money would be credited to my account within 48 hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yep, I wanted my money back, and had suspicions that funds may not be in my account as promised, so I checked my account because it has been over 48 hours, and would you believe, my refund is not there. The pending transaction has gone ahead and posted to my account, which I know they could have stopped. I guess you would expect that to occur, after all the other issues I had.
So, I have just gotten off the phone with them and now, supposedly my refund will be there in another 5 to 7 business days. So again, I had been lied to.

I wanted to share with you advice to please research thoroughly when you wish to send flowers. I was distraught over the current situation and simply chose this company because it appeared reasonable and looked professional, etc… Unfortunately I didn’t research first, so please remember to do this, especially during times like this.